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Rescue Me

Single mum Nikki's one of life's survivors - but when Rob Jones walks into her life, she realises it's time to stop treading water and start living.

A heartwarming, realistic romance for lovers of contemporary fiction. 

X Y, Z by Jess Molyneux

'Alex Ryan. The one thing that makes four hours of English Literature each week bearable. He's gorgeous, funny and talented, and I'm... well, I'm me.'

Being with Alex is all Zoe's dreamed about for the whole of Year 12... but when he gets the chance to realise his dreams, does she love him enough to risk losing him? 

Recommended for age 15 and over. 

SE6 by Jess Molyneux

'So, I'm 19, bossing uni and living in London with my boyfriend - who just happens to be the UK's hottest new actor. Living the dream, right? Only if it's one of those weird dreams you have after too much cheese...'

Zoe and Alex have got it all: a flat (complete with vestibule), they're not living on instant noodles and their relationship is unbreakable. Basically, the road ahead looks clear... or has the city where the streets are paved with gold got a few potholes lying ahead? 

This is the second book in the 'X Y, Z' series. Recommended for age 15 and over. 

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